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Stone Types


Granite makes a beautiful choice if you're looking for a strong and durable stone countertop. Granite is not as porous as other natural stones. It's high density allows you to eliminate cutting boards and trivets. Granite is extremely hard and durable, and is practically scratch proof. Hot cookware can be placed directly on the counter surface. Granite countertops are easily cleaned because of granite's low porosity.

Granite is a type of igneous rock, which means it was once molten and it formed as it cooled deep within the earth. Different minerals within granite may appear as small specks and flecks throughout the stone, creating the salt and pepper look. Other types of granite may have veining similar to marble with dramatic composition and color. It can be highly polished and shiny, honed (a mat finish), or in a variety of new textures. Granite is available in hundreds of colors.


Marble is a smooth counter top material with a traditional, classic appeal. Its cool surface is ideal for baking and rolling out dough. Marble is less durable than granite and is susceptible to scratches and stains, so it may require future sealants.

Soapstone can be treated with mineral oils to enhance colors, and offers a soft feel. Soapstone appeals to homeowners who want something just a little different. Soapstone is an alternative with a unique "soapy" texture, but it is more susceptible to stains and scratches and therefore is best suited for lower impact areas such as bathrooms.

Travertine is an appropriate counter top material when selecting from the harder, denser varieties, though not appropriate for a kitchen. Its ideal for floors, in the bathroom and can be used in the shower. Travertine offers sure footing when wet.

Limestone is a suitable material for bathrooms, wall applications and vanity counter tops when selecting from the harder and denser types. Many limestones have sea fossils since limestone was formerly an ocean floor. Limestone stains easily and is very porous therefore it is not suitable high impact areas such as kitchens. Jerusalem and Seagrass limestones are very popular.

Onyx is a natural stone that is considered to be semi precious. Onyx is available in a color range from white to deep green. Due to its translucent appearance, this stone is particularly stunning when backlit. It is quite a soft stone similar to limestone and will scratch and stain easily.

Other natural slab stones are available. Please contact us for more information.


Engineered stone is composed mainly of quartz although other materials like colored glass, shells, metals or mirrors may be added. Typically, engineered stone is made up of 93% quartz by weight and 7% resin. Different types of resins are used by different manufacturers. Epoxy and polyester resin are the most common types. Chemicals such as UV absorbers and stabilizers are added.

Engineered stone is available in a large range of colors and has a nonporous surface that resists stains. However, engineered stone is susceptible to scratches and heat damage, therefore the use of cutting boards and trivets is recommended.

Creative Stoneworks offers many brands of engineered stone, including DuPont Zodiaq, Caesarstone, Silestone, EnviroGlas and Pental quartz. Other varieties are available, please ask contact us to determine if your favorite brand is available.