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Cleaning & Care

Cleaning & Care

Granite, marble and other natural stone products are porous materials and therefore require sealing. Every Creative Stoneworks top is sealed during fabrication and again upon installation. For residential use, we recommend that the surface be cleaned using REVITALIZER, a cleaner and sealer reactivator, designed for use with natural stone at least once or twice a month (however many customers prefer to use this product as their daily cleaner). This product reactivates the sealant used by Creative Stoneworks which eliminates the need for customers to reseal their counter tops and is as simple to use as glass cleaner.

Daily Cleaning
A simple solution of warm water and regular dish soap is the perfect solution for day to day cleaning purposes.

Products to Avoid & Other Care Tips

For the best care of your stone, please avoid cleaning agents with ammonia, acid or wax in the ingredients. Many over-the-counter granite cleaning products (such as Pledge and Rock Doctor) include these items in the solutions which can result in damaged stone, stripped sealant or waxy build ups. Acidic foods and liquids such as lemon juice or wine spills should be wiped up quickly as a precaution. If using scrubbing pads to clean your counters, please note that some such as the green Scotch Brite Scouring Pads contain silica which may affect your stone's surface polish. Please make sure that you are using a non-scratch variety of scouring pads like the blue Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Scour Pad.

Feel free to call or swing by the showroom to ask our experienced professionals if the cleaning products you are using are safe for your stone. We are happy to help!